Shared Office Space in Colorado Springs


Our Mission

We gather neighbors by cultivating spaces where neighbors gather. 

Our Vision

All neighbors have a space where they regularly gather within a 15 minute walk of their home.

Meet Our Founders

Jeremiah Callihan
Consultants & Non-Profit Leaders

Jeremiah founded a non-profit that he led for 16 years before starting Gather as a for-profit enterprise. He has also done stints working for other non-profit and for-profit entities as an employee and consultant. He loves spending time with his wife and four kids.

Alan Briggs
Pastors & Business Owners

Alan has worked as a pastor and church planter for 14 years and for the last 4+ years has been a business owner leading Stay Forth and coaching leaders in multiple industries. Alan prides himself in being an intentional husband to Julie while living a healthy and balanced life as a dad of four kids.

Kim Callihan
Stay-at-home Parents & Professionals

Kim has worked in the Colorado Springs community as a nurse and nurse practitioner for 18 years. She’s worked in the hospital system, the school system, and the private sector. In addition to her work-life Kim has spent many years at home raising 4 kids with her husband, Jeremiah.

Gather Co-working

Gather Co-working is the beginning piece of a much larger vision of gathering neighbors. It’s a starting point for people like Jack and Sarah.

Imagine Jack and Sarah, two professionals who are looking for a better way to work and connect in their community. Jack is tired of feeling isolated while working from home, and Sarah wants to grow her professional network beyond her coworkers.

They’re both missing out on opportunities for growth and collaboration, and they know there’s more to work than just getting the job done.

That’s why they joined Gather, a co-working environment that offers everything they need to thrive. It’s a PLACE where they and their business can grow with the right spaces, connection, and community.

More on what Gather offers:

Jack and Sarah stay productive with dedicated workspaces, high-speed internet, and a comfortable and inspiring environment.

At meetups and masterminds they learn with fellow industry leaders and subject matter experts. They can ask questions, gain insights, and expand their knowledge.

Jack and Sarah can connect with like-minded professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives. They can exchange ideas, give feedback, and form partnerships.

In a well-designed space with modern furniture to natural light, everything is curated to spark imagination and innovation.

It’s not just about work – Gather also provides a life-giving community that offers energy and encouragement for the journey.

Jack and Sarah couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. Thanks to Gather, they were able to find their place and their people while thriving in their careers.

If you’re like Jack and Sarah looking for a better way to work and connect in your community, visit Gather today and see how you can thrive.


Fill Gather’s first co-working space in Colorado Springs as a prototype and entry-point for gathering neighbors. Create an environment that helps people rest, meet, work, play, and grow. Build crowdfunded support through co-working membership in order to fund next steps that are ultra-localfeature-rich, and proximity-based like:

  • Membership features such as neighborhood-based co-working, automated spa features, and other strategic spaces.
  • Artisan features to show off local artisans’ skills and products (crafted art, food, drink, other goods, and more).
  • Service features by local trainers and practitioners (ex. haircuts, massage, dance lessons, music lessons, daycare, personal training, and more). 

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