Shared Office Space in Colorado Springs



Co-Worker BASIC / $225 month ($2250 ANNUAL)

Provides access to all our public working space; meeting rooms are reservable with credits – includes four credits per month ($140 value).

Co-Worker PLUS / $360 month

Provides everything in Co-Worker Basic plus ten additional credit hours per month ($350 value).


Add one spouse membership at a discounted rate. Have them join you in the space! They also get 4 credits per month ($140 value)

CO-WORKER BASIC (CORPORATE) / $180 month ($1800 annual)

The corporate price is per person for two or more members paid by an employer. Each corporate co-worker gets 4 credits per month ($140 value).

Shared office / $360 month

The Shared Office Members get access to one of three shared 100 sq. foot full offices available to reserve as needed. Some people reserve one of these closed-door offices multiple times a week all day or multiple days a week for just a few hours. Includes 8 credits per month ($280 value).




Business suites on the building’s third floor available on request with custom pricing.

  • Co-Working day rate: $25
  • Private Office day rate: $50
  • 2-Week rate: $125 – For the use of 14 straight days.
  • Dedicated Office Pod – $400/mo. – Exclusive Office Pod usage.
  • Dedicated Desks – $350/mo.
  • Shared Office – $360/mo.
  • Private Offices – $600-1000/mo.
  • Virtual memberships with a mailing address + 2 credits/mo. – $90/mo.

Meeting room reservation hourly or daily by neighbors and members:

8-5p Monday-Friday

  • Neighbors: $55/hr. for 2-70+ capacity meeting rooms.
    $300 for 8 hours.
  • Members: $35/hr. for 2-70+ person meeting rooms.
    $180 for 8 hours.

Evenings and Weekends

  • Neighbors: $80/hr. for 2-70+ capacity meeting rooms.
    $480 for 8 hours.
  • Members: $60/hr. for 2-70+ capacity meeting rooms.
    $360 for 8 hours.

What CREDITS Get You

Members can exchange each credit for one of the following:

  • 1 hr. of meeting room
  • 1 hr. of podcast studio
  • 1 hr. of video studio
  • 1 service (tbd)
  • 120 B&W sheets printed
  • 20 Color sheets printed
  • 2 days of co-working for a guest or for virtual members

Office & Suites Available for Lease

(6 month minimum commitment)

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